Saturday, December 6, 2008

Desperately Seeking Female Plastic Surgeon in Singapore!

I stayed back late last night for a young lady who could not make it for her liposuction consultation till after 8 pm. She came to know of me after I booked her sister in for waterjet liposuction. 

It seemed that the pair of them had been desperately looking for a female doctor to help them get rid of their unwanted fat for years! They had both searched online over many months, but only found male Plastic Surgeons in Singapore. They even contemplated going to Indonesia to have the surgery as they found a clinic with female doctors there!

Somehow, her sister located me about a month ago, has booked for surgery, and she was not far behind.

I had been told many times that female aesthetic doctors were more sought after in Singapore. Interesting to see that this is true for a segment of the population. Especially since the general consensus is that the ladies here usually prefer male gynaecologist!

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